Tread & Walkway Products

Wooster Products deliver the ultimate safety and performance for a wide range of stair and walkway applications, tailored to your compliance needs and project specs.
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Select the right stair product

Wooster Products anti-slip treads, nosings and other walkway products are built with proprietary compounds to meet the demands of new construction, renovation and OEM applications. Learn more about selecting the right stair product for your project.


For new construction or renovations, stair nosings of 6” or less in depth are used for anti-slip protection and code compliance. Nosings can overhang a portion of the stair riser and can also be used for leading edges of stairway landings.


Ideal for full stair construction or renovation projects, anti-slip stair treads are added to existing indoor or outdoor stairs to provide increased pedestrian safety. Treads are available in standard stair widths and wider coverage options for landings.

Walkway Products

Other walkway products include anti-slip tape, coatings, and thresholds. These easy-to-install stairway products are a convenient choice for renovation projects where safety and efficiency are top of mind.

Wooster Products Treads

If your stairs and walkways need to hold up to heavy pedestrian traffic, Wooster treads are designed to Make Every Step a Safe One! Our anti-slip treads feature resistant, high-quality bases and specially-formulated grit for durability. Available in a range of widths, colors, glow-in-the-dark options and more.