Misc Retrofit Type 333FT-NG


3" wide, 1/8" thick, nose 13/16" underside, 1" glow strip in front

Product Description

High quality photoluminescent anti-slip stair nosing providing an exit path marking and safety egress system that meets ATSM E2072, NYC Local Law 26, 2009 IBC and 2009 IFC codes. Exceeds UL1994 standards. These treads can be used for exit markings, steps and leading edges of landings when finding pathways in the dark is a necessity. The use of heat-treated corrosion resistant aluminum assures long tread life under heavy pedestrian use. NITEGLOW ® safety surfaces have easy maintenance features and insure greatest protection from falls and injuries.

• Maximum length 8’
• Front 1” edge glows-in-the-dark
• High content of aluminum oxide abrasive filler
• Color extends throughout filler
• Excellent anti-slip characteristics

• Provide 333FT-NG safety treads as manufactured by Wooster Products Inc. for interior and exterior stair renovation.
• Extruded aluminum base type 6063-T6
• Photoluminescent front groove to be filled with a fully cured resilient type epoxy
• Back anti-slip surface to have an integrally designed channel having Flex-Tred ® tape in contrasting colors chemically bonded onto the extrusion with an adhesive matrix capable of 7.3 lbs per sq. in. peel strength
• Type of anchor shall be specified.
• Complies with all requirements of New York City local law 26 (2004) RS 6-1 and RS 6-1A, viz., flammability (ASTM D635-2003), toxicity (SMP 800C), washability (ASTM 4828-1994), radioactivity (ASTM D 3684-2004) and brightness (ISO 17398-2004).
• Complies with 2009 International Building and International Fire Codes
• Noncombustible, free of hazardous and radioactive substances.

Follow Anti Slip Flex Tred Color chart for rear color options

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