Misc renovation

Types 333FT and 333FTSN provide:

A convenient, economical, easy to install method of permanently repair
damaged or worn step fronts and at the same time provide an anti-slip surface.
The use of heat treated corrosion resistant aluminum assures long tread life
under heavy pedestrian use. Product safety surfaces have easy maintenance features and insure greatest protection from falls and injuries.

Maximum Length 8’0″ in one section

Color choices from Spectra® and FlexTred® color charts

Models 333FT and 333FTSN FEATURES:

• Excellent anti-slip characteristics
• Extruded aluminum base type 6063-T6
• Maximum length 8'0"
• Front 1" edge has anti-slip filler
• High content of aluminum oxide abrasive filler
• Abrasive filler available in Spectra® colors
• Color extends throughout filler
• Rear 1 1/2″ FlexTred® anti-slip tape using near diamond hard abrasive grit securely bonded to a polymer substrate
• FlexTred® anti-slip tape available in matching or contrasting color

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