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Stop type threshold / Standard height (under door) 1/2"
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Type 115S stop type threshold can be provided in either ALUMOGRIT® (cast aluminum) or FERROGRIT® (cast iron) Type 115S comes in standard height(under door) of 1/2", standard widths are 4", 5" and 6", standard surface is plain abrasive surface. Other heights, widths, and intermediate dimensions to order. Lengths are made to order. Maximum length is 8'6" in ALUMOGRIT® and 6'0" in FERROGRIT® (lengths over maximum will be made in equal sections).

Provided with drilled and countersunk holes for 1/4" screws unless other fasteners are specified. Threshold ends can be factory notched for jobsite installation if frame details are furnished.

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Part numbers:
AG115S.4 (Alumogrit® 4" wide)
AG115S.5 (Alumogrit® 5" wide)
AG115S.6 (Alumogrit® 6" wide)
FG115S.4 (Ferrogrit® 4" wide)
FG115S.5 (Ferrogrit® 5" wide)
FG115S.6 (Ferrogrit® 6" wide)

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