Flexible: Flex-Tred® bends over sharp 90 angles without fracture. Repeated bending without cracking or failure of bond.
Application: Substrate temperature must be above 50°F.
Temperature Limits: Applied Flex-Tred® has a useful temperature range of -40°F to 220°F. However, limited exposure to temperatures above 220°F will not harm Flex-Tred®.
Steam Cleaning: Applied Flex-Tred® will tolerate steam cleaning.
Detergent Cleaning: Applied Flex-Tred® will tolerate detergent cleaning.
Environmental Resistance: Flex-Tred® is essentially unaffected by climactic exposure and mild acid or alkali exposure under normal conditions.
Shelf Life: Flex-Tred® shelf life is two years minimum.
Resistance: Motor Oil – Detergent – Hydraulic Oil – UV Resistance
Peel Adhesion: MIL-D-17951E(SH): Adhesive strength 0.75 lbs. (minimum) MIL-W-5044C: Adhesion lb./in. Width Type IV – 3 lbs. (minimum)